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Our Story

Art Ben Nevis ceramic workshop

Searching for a way of life with the opportunity to work at home, the use of skills that easily came, adding a bit of talent – all this was mixed up and fixed in the kiln to create our ceramic workshop.

We learned the technique of creating ceramics at the workshop in the studio A & T Ceramika, the best teachers we have ever had. They never had enough, they answered all our questions. Marcin taught us how use our talent to have pure pleasure out of our work. Agnieszka allowed us to watched her unusual  work and we are very much took inspirations  from her work .

Our interests in cytology, which have been continuing since 1999, have directed the main branches of ceramic products, which are purebred and not only dogs. In the end, ” there are so many breeds as there are human beings”.

Painted portrait of a beloved dog on a cup,  every morning  filled with  coffee , gives a good start  for all day  .

We invite you to look at the ideas already implemented and to track new projects. We are always ready for new challenges.